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Glovo is a leading delivery platform that connects users with couriers to facilitate the quick sending and receiving of items within minutes. The company operates in 24 countries, serving a diverse client base that includes individual consumers, local shops, and restaurants. With 4.3 million active customers and 65,000 active couriers, Glovo has established a significant presence in the urban delivery market.

The business model of Glovo revolves around providing on-demand delivery services. Users can order groceries, meals, and other items through the Glovo app, which are then delivered by couriers. Glovo also offers "Cookroom" spaces—purpose-built kitchens for restaurants to expand their reach without the need for additional physical locations. This service helps restaurants manage their operations more efficiently and scale their business.

Glovo generates revenue through delivery fees, service charges, and partnerships with local businesses. The company also leverages technology, including machine learning, to optimize its operations. Machine learning helps predict order volumes, allocate marketing budgets, and manage the courier fleet effectively. This technological edge allows Glovo to provide reliable and efficient services to its users.

Additionally, Glovo operates "Urban Darkstores," which are micro-fulfillment centers located in city centers. These centers stock a wide range of products, enabling 24/7 access to groceries and other essentials. This infrastructure supports Glovo's vision of becoming the "everything app," providing easy access to a variety of goods and services in urban areas.

Glovo's commitment to innovation is evident in its annual Hackathon, where employees collaborate to develop new solutions to improve the platform. This culture of continuous improvement and technological advancement positions Glovo as a leader in the on-demand delivery market.

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ACQUISITION by iFood Apr 2020
ACQUISITION by Glovo Jan 2022
ACQUISITION by Glovo May 2021
ACQUISITION by Glovo Aug 2019
ACQUISITION by Glovo Dec 2015
ACQUISITION by Glovo Mar 2016
Lola Market
ACQUISITION by Glovo Sep 2021
ACQUISITION by Glovo Dec 2019
ACQUISITION by Glovo Sep 2021
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